What We Do

John Brown Media builds editorial intelligence into the heart of our clients’ communications, matching the audience’s needs, passions, and habits with relevant, inspiring content. The result? Dynamic omni-channel strategies with a lasting value.

and Insight

We start at square one to learn your company’s individual goals and challenges and combine these with our knowledge of market trends and unique customer insight tools to build an effective editorial strategy. The result is an omni-channel content program that will build a long, loyal relationship with your customers along with measured, proven ROI. Already have a content strategy in place? We’ll work with you to hone your brand voice and ensure that it’s reaching the broadest possible audience as effectively as possible.


What would you say to your customer if you were sitting in their living room? High-quality print publications act as brand ambassadors, creating intimate conversations between you and your customers that build trust and lasting loyalty. Our experienced print editors and production team specialize in newsstand-quality publications with consistently proven ROI.


An effective digital strategy pairs the right content with the right media space, and our savvy team of experts works to ensure that you can engage your audience on your own terms.

No matter what type of content we create, we always keep digital in mind to ensure that each project is efficient and value-driven, existing across multiple channels and times of year. From dreaming up digital-native publications to creating custom newsletters and infographics, our team is skilled at concepting, designing, and executing strategies that match quality content with the latest in digital marketing.


From developing broad social media strategies to creating and managing day-to-day published posts, we specialize in curating content for specific online audiences. We couple our expertise in platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest with in-depth analytics and tracking to ensure that we meet your brand’s goals as efficiently as possible.


Our team is experienced in managing video production from ideation and storyboarding all the way through editing and uploading—whether you’re looking for a documentary-style video for your website, a series of stop motion-style product spotlights, or an animated video to share with audiences on social media.

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