New Recipe Feature Aimed at Helping Home Cooks be More Sustainable

Sustainability is a more publicized topic than ever, but putting it into practice can be a daunting challenge for the home cook. To shed light on how small, simple changes can lead to real results when it comes to reducing our environmental impact, we dedicated a new feature in the March/April ’19 issue of Hannaford’s fresh magazine to helping readers cook more sustainably.

Just in time for Earth Day, the piece also reflects on Hannaford’s overall commitment to sustainability as a retailer, and its goal of helping its customers take part in sustainable practices.

The result was a six-page feature containing five easy, approachable tips and four corresponding recipes (for example: save your scraps, like bread ends, then use them to make a maple bread pudding), all designed to get readers thinking more sustainably when cooking and shopping. Expert advice is woven throughout, with tips from Hannaford’s Seafood Category Manager, Leigh Chase, as well as James Beard Award-winning author and sustainable cooking authority, Tamar Adler.

“The question I constantly asked myself while producing the piece was, Would someone actually do this at home?,” says Esther Reynolds, food editor and author of the feature. “If the answer was no—or even a questionable maybe—the tip didn’t make it in. What was left helped inform an easy-to-follow roadmap full of convenient adjustments readers can make on their own time.”