New Hannaford “fresh” Spotlights Sustainability and Community

The latest issue of Hannaford’s fresh magazine, published for Hannaford Supermarkets by John Brown Media U.S., is now available in stores and online.

This issue focuses on the importance of investing in a sustainable future, and the shopping choices we can make to get there. From profiling a seventh-generation maple syrup farmer preserving maple forests to sharing recipes built around sustainable ingredients like tempeh and mussels, the magazine highlights how easy (and delicious) it can be to cook and eat with the environment in mind.

Promoting a sustainable future also means investing in local communities. This notion is at the forefront of “Community in the Time of COVID-19,” a feature about the local producers that Hannaford supported—and that supported Hannaford—last year.

“In addition to directly impacting our own quality of life,” writes editor Leah Mennies in the issue’s welcome letter, “the food we eat also impacts everything around us, from the people who cultivate and harvest it to the conditions of our soil, air, and water.” Acknowledging these considerations starts with our grocery carts, which is why it’s at the center of fresh this spring.