New Animated Video Gets Shoppers to Make Healthy Purchases

Hannaford’s Healthy Living program, a longtime offering that includes dietitian and pharmacist services (both in stores and in the community), online resources, and access to Guiding Stars®, a proprietary in-store nutrition rating system, is designed to help shoppers make healthy decisions suited to their lifestyles. Hannaford wanted to introduce content that would educate shoppers on the Guiding Stars® system, while engaging new audiences. John Brown Media U.S. partnered with Hannaford to produce an animated video for the company’s website, social media channels, and digital advertising.

The video explains how Guiding Stars® ratings are calculated and how shoppers can best use them in the store, with fun, friendly characters and visuals.

Here’s how it came together:

The team worked with a talented illustrator to create brand logos with a whimsical feel, that remain true to the brand, and to develop characters that represent the Hannaford target audience.

The goal of the video was to clearly explain how the Guiding Stars® system rates food items, which is represented here in a straightforward list.

Check out the full video here: