Meet the Team: Kat Jackson, Account Director at our New Office in San Francisco

Ahead, Kat Jackson, shares the ins and outs of her job as account director at John Brown U.S. and the experience of opening a brand-new office.

What’s your role at JBM?

As account director at John Brown Media in San Francisco, my role is to support the business needs of our clients as well as our John Brown team. For Sam’s Club, our primary client in the San Francisco office, we are focused on delivering high-quality content and full production for direct mail initiatives, collaborating on their greater brand strategy.

The new San Francisco office recently opened in September 2019! What’s a typical day like for you there?

The day begins with saying hi to some of the other agencies in the Dentsu Aegis Network family that also work in our office, then checking in with Jessica Huang (art director, extraordinaire) on what is happening that day, items to be confirmed with a client, or upcoming presentation prep. Then I’ll check in with our Boston team (typically on Slack) to make sure we’re all connected. Next, quick break to feed Lucy, my poodle who hangs out at the office. Around 10am, I usually have my first meeting with the clients, which could be on anything from reviewing the flat plan for an upcoming print piece or figuring out the props needed for a photo shoot. The afternoons are usually for internal calls and meetings: reviewing current work, finding a solve for something, and the ever important matcha latte run.

As you look back on the past six months that the new office has been open, what is one thing you’re really proud of?

I am immensely proud of this team’s relentless focus on doing beautiful, fun, on-brand work while being profoundly flexible and collaborative with client needs.

Fill in the blank: As an account director, I couldn’t live without my ________

Notes app! It syncs on my phone, computer, and Apple watch. I log every little check in, to do, and reminder. It is now an extension of my brain.