How John Brown Media U.S. is Staying Creative at Home

With our U.S. offices closed for nearly a month now, our U.S. employees are spending more time than ever at home. From cooking up a storm to tackling one creative prompt each day, here’s what five of our team members are doing to make the most of it.

Getting Ready for Spring

“I’ve been spending time prepping all my plants for spring, including setting up some cuttings for propagation. I’ve ordered seven new plants in the past week—it’s a problem. I also have a sourdough starter I’m attempting to raise from infancy; her name is Camille and she’s currently five days old.”

—Keilani Rodriguez, Art Director and Visuals Editor, Boston




Brushing up on Baking Basics  

“I’m so lucky to work with food experts! I texted Leah, our editorial director, the ingredients I had on hand, told her I wanted to make something yummy for breakfast, and bam! I had a doughnut muffin recipe within minutes. And the results were indeed delicious.”

—Emily Ross, SVP, Managing Director, Boston




Binging on Audiobooks

“I listen to a ton of audiobooks: I just finished Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow. Next up will be some sort of romcom, palate-cleanser book.”

—Jessica Huang, Art Director, San Francisco





Getting Snack-Savvy

“I made up a batch of the tofu ricotta from the July/August 2018 issue of fresh magazine that we put out for Hannaford as a dairy-free pizza topper and have been eating the leftovers with cut up veggies as a tasty and protein-filled snack to get me through the workday. Endorse!”

—Julia Rappaport, Deputy Editor, Boston




Writing Every Morning

“I’ve subscribed to a newsletter that has daily creative writing prompts. Spending my morning writing a response has helped me keep in touch with my creativity.”

—Phillip Zminda, Editorial Assistant, Boston





Taking a Break with Reality TV

“I’ve been watching seasons 7 through 11 of Project Runway and season 2 of Top Chef to remind myself of better times.”

—Ashley Sabatino, Associate Art Director, San Francisco