Latest Hannaford “fresh” Showcases Homemade Gifts and Holiday Tips

The latest issue of Hannaford’s fresh magazine, published for Hannaford Supermarkets by John Brown Media U.S., is now available in stores and online.

This edition of fresh helps readers navigate this one-of-a-kind holiday season with ease, offering everything from wine shopping advice to a guide to holiday traditions, tips, and shortcuts. And throughout, it offers up ideas for embracing the reason for the season—whether that’s through home-cooked candies to gift or supporting the vital work of food pantries.

“There are many ways to show someone how special they are to you,” writes fresh editor Leah Mennies in the issue’s welcome letter, “But perhaps nothing gets this across more reliably and readily than something you’ve made from scratch.” With many of us spending this season apart from loved ones, gifting items you’ve made yourself can be an especially personal way to show you care—and fresh is at the ready with plenty of inspiration to get you started.