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    John Hancock
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    Print, Digital

John Hancock Life Insurance, one of the top-10 life insurers in the U.S., asked John Brown Media U.S. to create a print and digital magazine for their life insurance subscribers. The goal: To introduce subscribers—and increase current participation levels—to the John Hancock Vitality Rewards Program. Using the format of an innovative wellness magazine, John Hancock Vitality members learn to improve their overall health and utilize the Vitality Rewards Program to save on healthy-living options (such as purchasing healthy foods at their local grocery store and regular exercise) as well as their life insurance premiums.

Live More, the magazine for John Hancock Vitality Program members, was launched in 2015. In addition to creating custom health content including member profiles, highlighting partnerships with Tufts University and the American Diabetes Association, and reporting the latest in the world of wellness travel, fitness, nutrition, mind-body, and beauty, the magazine promotes and explains how the Vitality Rewards Program encourages a healthier lifestyle, leading members to be more proactive when it comes to taking care of their overall well-being.